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Vitamin K Cream To Reduce Spider Veins

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Maximum strength Bren Vitamin K Cream eliminates spider veins and heals the vein wall. Removes spider veins on legs, arms, nose and face. Get rid of spider veins and broken blood vessels keep them from coming back! 1.7 oz. / 50 ml Made in USA.

Features & Benefits Eliminates spider veins and broken blood vessels Keeps them from coming back Moisturizes Restores healthy skin development Protects with natural antioxidants Removes spider veins and broken blood vessels quickly using a super-absorbent vitamin K blend. Emu oil penetrates deep to carry vitamins reducing spider veins on legs, arms and face. Vitamin K Cream is a potent combination of natural ingredients proven to help strengthen veins, improve vein wall function and health, and to fade unsightly spider veins. Vitamin K Cream is effective at removing and clearing complexion of facial spider veins - on the cheeks, nose and under the eyes. A concentrated Vitamin K Cream formulated with Aloe, Green Tea, Coconut Oil and Allantoin to soothe the skin while healing and protecting. Powerful antioxidants help protect from further vein damage while clearing coagulated and trapped blood in veins and capillaries. Vitamin K does a great job of getting to the source of the problem which is a leaking vein. This leaking vein allows blood to get through to the skin's surface. Vitamin K makes the vein clot. It does not do as good a job on varicose veins because they are raised. It often helps but does not totally get rid of the problem as it does for spider veins.
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