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Photo-Chromatic Pressed Powder Shade Parchment

Item# photochromatic-pressed-powder-shade-parchment
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This high performance, professional, silky powder will mask the appearance of fine lines and blur out large pores. Can be used alone to even out skin tone or over your foundation.

Directions: Use a large fluffy powder brush, or a kabuki brush, then just take the brush and swirl it in the powder then tap the brush to get any excess powder off. Start on your nose and the middle of your face, and blend it into your skin using circular motions until you have done your whole face. Then anywhere you need more coverage just go back into the powder and reapply where you need it.

Features and Benefits

Restores moisture

Absorbs oils and moisture

Lecithin (Hydrogenated Lecithin)

Protects the skin against moisture loss

Prevents caking

Stops shine

Matte finish

Hydrates the skin

Long wearing

Paraben free

Made in USA
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